The majority of existing hydroponic channelling is produced in a one piece hollow trough with regular holes cut on top, but it is our Sure Grow Trough System with the unique removable lid that sets up apart, and puts you in complete control of your output.

All of our clip-on lids:

Can be removed in seconds
Are strong enough to withstand almost all weather conditions

The removable lid allows crops such as forage or turf to grow in open channels without the lid OR you can quickly and easily fit the contoured lid with holes cut specifically to maximise your output. Using the appropriate fertilisers and watering regimes will bring your crop to maturity within minimum time frames.

Sure Grow Channelling is an investment that will repay you many times over due to its long lasting UV protected characteristics, its increased productivity and reduced down-time. The longer it takes to clean and prepare your channelling for the next crop, the more money you are losing over time.

Sure Grow channelling is a unique system that is gaining popularity around the world for

It’s ease of use
It’s unique design
It’s efficiency
It’s versatility

All channelling comes in standard 6 metre lengths, with the option to order longer lengths up to 12-13 metres. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

How to Setup the Sure Grow Channelling system

  1. Cut the troughs to your desired lengths
  2. Clip the matching components together to form a clean, weed-free environment
  3. Plant your produce such as flowers, herbs, fruits, vegetables, animal fodder, in fact just about any above ground plant.

It’s that simple…

The unique plastic compounds used in Sure Grow Trough Systems are UV-stablised and guaranteed to outlast any other plastic channelling system available today. Sure Grow components are non-toxic and manufactured to food grade quality to allow you to grow edible produce.

The unique shape of your Sure Grow Trough System incorporates:

A contoured base to centralise the nutrient flow
Contoured lids to allow excess water run-off
Simple construction to allow maximum aeration
End caps and joiners to suit all sizes in the Sure Grow range
Components built strong enough to withstand most weather conditions